Donkey Kong as appearing in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Donkey Kong

The symbol for the Donkey Kong series.

Super Heavyweight

Donkey Kong

Damage Table for Donkey Kong

Smash Attacks


Neutral: 4% (Hit 1)

Neutral SS: 6% (Hit 2)

Neutral WS: N/A


Up: 19%

Up SS: N/A

Up WS: N/A


Down: 17% (Fists: Early)

Down SS: 18% (Fists: Late)

Down WS: 14% (Arms)


Side: 21% (Arms)

Side SS: 22% (Hands)

Side WS: N/A

Special Attacks


Neutral: 10% (Uncharged)

Neutral SS: 28% (Full Charge: Ground)

Neutral WS: 25% (Full Charge: Air)


Up: 5% (Hit 1)

Up SS: 4%|2% (Last: Ground|Air)

Up WS: 1.4%|1% (Mid: Ground|Air)


Down: 14% (Ground)

Down SS: 5% (Air: Hit 1)

Down WS: 6% (Air: Hit 2)


Side: 10% (Ground)

Side SS: 10% (Air: SS)

Side WS: 8% (Air: WS)

Air Attacks


Neutral: 11%

Neutral SS: N/A

Neutral WS: 8%


Up: 13%

Up SS: N/A

Up WS: N/A


Down: 13% (Leg)

Down SS: 16% (Foot)

Down WS: N/A


Forward: 15% (Late: Hands)

Forward SS: 16%

Forward WS: 13% (Late: Arms)


Back: 13%

Back SS: N/A

Back WS: 8%

Tilt Attacks


Up: 9% (Arm)

Up SS: 10% (Hand)

Up WS: 8% (Elbow)


Down: 6%

Down SS: N/A

Down WS: N/A


Side: 8%

Side SS: 9% (Angled)

Side WS: N/A

Other Attacks


Pummel: 1.6%

Up: 9%

Down: 7%

Forward: 11-13%

Back: 11%

Air Grab

Air Grab: N/A

Air Grab SS: N/A

Air Grab WS: N/A

Dash Attack

Dash: 12%

Dash SS: N/A

Dash WS: 9%

Floor & Edge

Floor Forward: 7%

Floor Back: 7%

Floor Trip: 5%

Edge: 10%

Move Breakdown


DK performing the move Giant Punch.

Giant Punch

Charges up a punch that can keep charging after dodging or shielding.

Deals massive damage, gains super armour, and is faster when fully charged. DK loses his mid-air jump if used while airborne. Can be canceled and stored.


DK performing the move Headbutt.


Buries opponents when they're hit on the ground. Can't be interrupted by weaker attacks.

Bury lasts longer on opponents with higher percent. The sweet-spot of aerial version will meteor. Super armour during startup til hit-box. Long range and high shield damage make it great for breaking


DK performing the move Spinning Kong.

Spinning Kong

Spins with a whirlwind of punches. Can shift left or right while airborne and forward while grounded.

Excellent horizontal distance but very little vertical. Can trap opponents causing decent damage.


DK performing the move Hand Slap.

Hand Slap

Sends out shock waves by slapping the ground, sending foes into the air. Has a meteor effect while airborne.

Can be used for spacing on the ground, but is not a great kill option. The aerial version has a meteor effect and combos with the first hit making it much more useful.